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Hello my Friends,


I know there is so much anxiety going on and sometimes we wonder what, where and who to believe?  All I can say is that here in Naples Real Estate is very, very active.  I had a listing for $2,7000,000.00 that went into contract in "1" DAY!!!  I am selling at all price points.  I have a listing that is selling for $260,000.00 a single family home, a Condo that I am selling at $160,000.00.  Some people are under the impression that Naples is not affordable, WRONG!  There are properties for everyone.  It is a great time to buy, interest rates are below 3% and because the interest rates are low it is also a great time to SELL!  There are a lot of people testing positive for COVID 19 but they are NOT sick!  I know personal friends that are health care workers and the hospitals are NOT filling up.  Also,  I have 3 different people I know rather well that were told they had been tested positive and never had the test???  They went to get tested, filled out the information but the wait was too long and they had to get back to work and a few days later were notified that they tested positive???  I  do not take COVID 19 lightly, I believe we all need to be responsible and do what is best for each of us and our surroundings, but do NOT let this get the best of us.  Do not let fear take over, we will all get through this together! 

Please reach out to me for any and all your Real Estate needs!  I am here for you!