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Real Estate

Hello my Friends,

Some of you have written me and are now a bit nervous, especially those of you that live in other Countries.  We have hit a little bump in the road but sometimes when life looks like it is at its bleakest a true light emerges.  

Real Estate is still moving in a good forward motion, prices are raising a bit but interest rates for now are still at an all time low.  Any questions you may have please feel free to email me directly at calldebi59@gmail.com and I

will do my best to give you an answer.  We all need to stay strong, no matter what part of the world we are in we are all in this crazy time together!  We are all good human beings and need to keep positive.   If some of you have properties

and for some reason are not coming this season and need someone to check on your property, I am licensed and insured so I would be happy to add your property to my home watch.    Please stay strong and stay healthy!


Kindest regards

God Bless

Debi G.