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Hello my friends,

Well today is April first and generally it is known to be April fools day where practical jokes are played on one another.  I think this year I will give it a pass.

My son showed me this great park in Naples that has all these beautiful nature trails.  You can bike, walk, roller blade or run!  You can either do paved paths or all natural wooded paths.  It is a great place to be especially with all that is going on in the world.  It is a place to be alone and to reflect without being really alone.  The trails are all lined with beautiful trees, and the paths have all these wooden bridges that look out onto the water.  I see many people fishing, Kayaking or showing their children all the plant life, fish and even sun turtles.   It is a time to literally take time to smell the roses (earth)!  When I am done with my walk and my many prayers, thoughts and a few plans on how to make the world a better place; I feel at peace.

My hope for today is that we all can find that place of peace.  We will get through this and I hope when all is said and done we will be able to have a new perspective on life!


Kindest regards,