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This is one crazy year!  I have customers able and willing to buy a property but for every interested property there are 5 other offers following us.  What I am trying to explain to my customers  is that this market is so different  from any other market prior.  If your budget is $400,000.00 Then my suggestion is to look at properties at $375,000.00 so you have room to go up in a multiple offer situation.  Every property that comes up for sale, there are at least 4 offers being thrown at the listing Agent.  I just lost  a sale because we did not bid high enough.  My customers are mad at me.  We as Realtor's can only show you what is going on but we can not make you understand.  But if you have a certain price point you want to go up to, I just suggest look at properties that are at least $25,000. less so you have room to go up!  Also, properties are going so fast that the cash sales or financing with no contingencies are beating out the buyers who need lending contingencies or need to sell their home.  I hope I have clarified this market for those who are wondering why the properties are going so fast.  Feel free to call, text or email me for more information, showings or offer!


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