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Hello my Friends,

I try to keep everyone updated as much as possible,  As you all see I send personal messages out as well as automated messages.  By doing both I try to keep us all engaged and hopefully making sure if you have any questions, or need more information or need me to schedule a showing for (us) to go see and/or having me make an offer for you!  I want to thank all of you that call me and email me and let me know when you will be in town so we can look at properties and more times then not find the perfect property and the sale is complete.   Their are a few that maybe do not know that this is my personal website and when you sign on to this website it is for you to use and for us to work together.  I get confused when I see some people on my website and the go to another Realtor.  I do not understand why you are not on their website or emailing or texting the Realtor you are doing business with?   I do not want to be rude I am just really curious, maybe you do not know that this is my own website and not a company or generic website.  If I am not offering enough information, or you do not think I am reachable please let me know.   I really want to hear from you so I can do a better job and when you are ready to make that move and buy or sell you come to me!